Naughty Truth or Dare 2 - Truth Or Dare

Naughty Truth or Dare 2

would you go to a nude beach with your partner?stand in position of partners choice for 30 seconds


Hit the roll button. Your partner chooses truth or dare with out looking at the screen.
  • when was the last time you masturbated? What was it to?
  • have you tried anal Sex? Would you?
  • when was the last time you watched porn? What type?
  • shaved, trimmed or unmanaged pubes?
  • girls what is the biggest cock you have seen/ guys what are the biggest tits you have seen that are not your partners
  • have you ever tasted cum?
  • have you ever had a threesome? Would you? Male or female?
  • how many people have you been naked with besides your current partner?
  • have you done any of the following, just say yes or no for each- gang bang, anal sex, 69, toy play, sex outside
  • would you rather never have sex again OR let your partner have sex with someone else once
  • describe to your partner how you masturbate/cum
  • would you go to a nude beach with your partner?
  • girl how big are you tits/ guy how big is your cock?
  • missionary, doggy style, cowgirl or 69
  • have you watched porn with your partner? Have you watched porn with a previous partner or friend?
  • spit or swallow?
  • have you ever been to a strip club/ sex show- explain!
  • would you rather have a threesome with someone of the same sex OR make a porn movie with your partner
  • describe something sexual/ naked you have done with someone that's not your current partner
  • (guy only): if your partner wanted to have threesome with another guy would you let her?
  • have you ever given/ received a cumshot?
  • would you prefer a big cock or sexy body?
  • do you wish your partner was kinkier/naughtier?
  • have you ever been fucked at a party?
  • tell partner a fantasy you'd like to try
  • get partner to name 3 celebrities - you must pick 1 to fight, 1 to fuck and 1 to holiday with
  • your partner gets asks you any 3 sexual questions, you must answer 2 correctly and they guess which!
  • (girl only): would you ever get fucked by more than one guy at a time?
  • have you ever skinny dipped?
  • when is the last time you had a sex dream? What was it about?
  • do you prefer sex with or without a condom?
  • (girl only): would you ever have sex with another girl
  • What’s #1 on your sexual bucket list right now?
  • Would you rather fuck someone 20 years older or 20 years younger?
  • What couple would you have a foursome with
  • Who would you let your partner have sex with
  • loose 3 layers
  • flash cock/ tits to partner for 30 seconds ( no covering)
  • loose 2 layer of clothing
  • give oral to partner while they make a quick phone call ( doesn't matter to who)
  • loose all clothing below the waist
  • masturbate in front of partner for 30 seconds
  • (guy only): teabag partner
  • loose 3 layers OR demonstrate giving a handjob for 30 seconds
  • flash your cock/pussy to partner for 10 seconds (no covering)
  • (girl only): bend over and let partner pleasure you from behind for 1 minute
  • replace 2 layers
  • loose 3 layers
  • remove all clothing OR roll again
  • you must wear your partner's underwear for 3 rounds
  • Google image search "erotic sex gif" and masturbate together with partner while scrolling through 15 images
  • remove all clothing except boots/shoes ( if not wearing shoes put some on- partners choice)
  • (guy only):Google image search " pulling out big cock gif" and give partner oral while she looks at 20 images
  • masturbate under covers for 1 minute
  • (girl only): Google image search for a "hot girl sex gif" and let him fuck you doggy style for 10 images
  • shave pubes completely OR only you do next 3 rolls in a row
  • rub cock/ tits over partner's body from head down
  • miss a go
  • stand in position of partners choice for 30 seconds
  • give partner oral sex for 1 minute in position of their choice
  • flip a coin - heads you must go down on partner for 1 minute/ tails you must masturbate them and yourself at the same time for 1 minute
  • (guy only): give her a striptease OR let her tie you up (arms and legs) and do ANYTHING for 1 minute
  • (girl only): deepthroat cock or 30 seconds OR tit wank him for 30 seconds
  • 69 together for 1 minute
  • miss a go
  • loose 2 layers (partner's choice which 2)
  • kiss her pussy/ lick his balls
  • both masturbate in front of each other for 1 minute- no touching each other only looking!
  • you must do one of the following for 30 seconds: perform oral in front of window, anal sex, streak outside, handstand sex
  • massage partner for 3 minutes anywhere of their choice
  • watch a vintage porn movie and act out scenes
  • Suck on my finger and pretend you’re performing oral sex for 30 seconds.
  • Show me a porn video you’d want us to act out together.
  • Order a sex toy online
  • arrange a threesome for your partner
  • Have a lap dance with your partner for 2 minutes.

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Everyone is a winner when you give love making a new spin by playing this amazingly fun sex dice game.

Men will love the gambling feel of this game and women get rewarded with hot foreplay.

A whole collection of sensual foreplay activities, from the vanilla to the down right kinky.

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30 sec

Choose whether your device should vibrate, or play a naughty sound [NSFW] to let you know that your time is up. You can keep things quiet by choosing vibrate and putting the phone down on a flat surface.

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