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Welcome to Naughty Grin, a silly site with the simple goal of providing playful tools for people to have better sex together. Here, you'll find simple games of chance produced by the naughtiest minds on the internet, games that tickle the body and the mind.


To help you find the best game for you, we've sorted them into easy to explore categories, such as movie ratings and 'Kink' levels. Of course, our most popular section is the XXX section, and boy does it look fun. TBH my partner and I select from the Vanilla section on the Kinky' scale and from the PG and R section using the movie ratings scale.

Spice it up

If you want to go next-level, try using this game to give your partner a night of mind blowing foreplay. Are you too predictable? You might want to try getting busy in a new place, and/or a new position. Do you really want to surprise him or her? Are you in a rut? Maybe it's time to spice it up with a spin of a sex wheel. A great way to use this wheel is to spin it at night, and then follow through with the task the following day. Just to get you thinking, here's another crazy example created by one of our users of a sexxxed up todo-list you can send to you partner.

Pavlovian Conditioning

Wanna know how to put your sex drive to good use? Does your husband or wife need a push to get stuff done around the house? Rather than nagging each other, use one of these games as a reward for good behavior. Maybe the basement will get painted if there's a chance of winning amazing, porn star level sex. You got something really big you want done? You could follow Nikki's lead.


So, explore your partner's crazy fantasies. Have them try your favorite positions, get and give toe curling oral sex, try out new scenarios and scenes, or get dared into trying something new and forbidden, the combinations are endless! Still not satisfied? You can DIY and create your own.

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Put in the work

Remember, good sex doesn't just happen. You have to work at communicating with your partner(s) and setting up an environment that's fun and exciting for everyone, so get ready to turn up the heat on your bedroom adventures with these exciting games of chance.

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