Nikki can get ANYTHING she wants from Ra

Nikki can get ANYTHING she wants from Ray when she does/lets /gives him...

To get what she wants, Nikki will...

Do a routine chore of his choice, supervised by him while while she does it naked


Nikki wants something so much that she is willing to do whatever it takes to get it.
  1. Shave her pussy and let him eat her afterward to multiple orgasms
  2. Give him oral for a weekend, to completion at least once
  3. Dress in/as anything he wants for a Fantasy night
  4. Sleep in only a thong for 3 nights
  5. Give him 6 hours all access, no holes barred pass
  6. Give him a $100 toy budget, and use them all in 24 hours
  7. Give him 3 hand jobs, 1 anywhere he chooses, at least 1 to completion
  8. Be his dominatrix, and dress the part. He will be pegged!
  9. pick Do a routine chore of his choice, supervised by him while while she does it naked
  10. Perform a sex show/lap dance with 2 toys, each chooses 1
  11. Give him a prostate massage
  12. Go to an adult store with him
  13. Her pussy, his mouth and fingers. Any position, new and old
  14. Spend 2 hrs watching 1 of his porn movies (she chooses) , copying everything on the screen, as the actors do it
  15. Perform Whatever sexual activity she chooses. Better take his vitamins
  16. Act out his bondage fantasy
  17. Act out her roleplay fantasy
  18. Sit on his face, stroking him to orgasm
  19. 69, her on top, till both cum
  20. Talk dirty to him while he masturbates

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Everyone is a winner when you give love making a new spin by playing this amazingly fun sex dice game.

Men will love the gambling feel of this game and women get rewarded with hot foreplay.

A whole collection of sensual foreplay activities, from the vanilla to the down right kinky.

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