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This is Naughtygrin's take on Spin the Bottle. Put your phone or table down on a flat surface and form a circle around it. Hit the play button and two things happen. The bottle will spin around until it stops at a random position pointing to a person in the this group, and a play-cards from the decks are chosen as well.

Creating you own games

You can create a game from scratch simply by clicking the add button, which can be found by clicking the "Mine" button at the top of the screen.

If you see a game that is close to what you want, you can import it by clicking on the "Import" button from within the game. This will create a copy of the game that belongs to you, which you can then edit to suit your tastes.


The Internet's #1 resource for spicing up your gathering or party. Playing these naughty spin the bottle games on your tablet or phone can turn a normal gathering into a pulse raising good time.

History of the game

According to Wikipedia, the game became very popular with the boomer generation after world war two, but died down in the 80's.

Traditionally, the spinner would kiss the person the bottle was pointing to.

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The internet's first DIY spin the bottle game. Naughtygrin.com is the go-to place in the tubes for naughty entertainment. Spin the bottle is a kissing party game commonly played by teenagers. The game was very popular among boomer teenagers, after the second world war but before the internet broke everything.

Everyone is a winner when you give love making a new spin by playing this amazingly fun sex dice game.

Men will love the gambling feel of this game and women get rewarded with hot foreplay.

A whole collection of sensual foreplay activities, from the vanilla to the down right kinky.

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