Let’s do it again - Sex Wheel

Let’s do it again

Massage partner with honey/oil


You may pass, but you MUST choose ONE from the following forfeits:
  • Partner pulls some of your chest/pubic hair out
  • Partner cling films you to chair for two turns
  • Partner gives you 3 lashes of the cane
  • Take 10 second video of you masturbating
  • Take seductive selfie
  • Partner records audio of you faking orgasm, outdoors.

  • * Finger/stroke WILDCARD*
  • * Rub your Pussy/Cock on WILDCARD*
  • * Touch/fondle WILDCARD*
  • *Lick/suck WILDCARD*
  • 5 push ups on top of partner
  • 69
  • 69 - they’re on top
  • 69 - you’re on top
  • 69 on stairs
  • Anal sex for 1 minute or make video of girl giving blow job
  • Ask your partner to pick a number between 1 and 3. Insert that number of fingers into vagina/ass
  • Ask your partner to pick a number between 1 and 3. Spank them that many times
  • Ask your partner to pick a number between 1 and 3. Spank yourself as hard as possible that number of times
  • Bite ass
  • Bite back
  • Bite/slap/spank *WILDCARD*
  • Bite/slap/spank Ass
  • Bite/slap/spank Chest/Nipples
  • Bite/slap/spank Face/Neck
  • Bite/slap/spank Pussy/Cock
  • Bite/slap/spank lips
  • Blindfold and tie partner, roll again and surprise them with next task
  • Blindfold your partner, and put whatever object you want in there mouth. They have two chances to guess what it is. If they guess correctly, you must let them facesit/facefuck you.
  • Blindfold yourself for next two turns
  • Both partners put a hand on/ finger in your crotch for 30 seconds
  • Cover each other with oil and cuddle
  • Cut your partners hair (they choose what hair to cut)
  • Dare of partners choice or remove 2 layers
  • Dare of your choice for partner or they remove 2 items of clothing
  • Dildo ass for 1 minute
  • Do next task outdoors
  • Doggy style 30 seconds
  • Doggystyle in kitchen
  • Doggystyle- you do the work, your partner remains as still as possible
  • Doggystyle- your partner does the work, you remain still as possible
  • Dress up posh
  • Dry hump 30 seconds
  • Face down ass up, lube and finger your partner's ass with one finger. If female, use the other hand to jerk them off. If male, use finger their pussy with 2 fingers
  • Female: Deepthroat your partner as far and hold for as long as you can/ Male: let your partner fully sit on your face fully, and keep them there until your have to take a breath, lick the whole time
  • Female: Give your partner a handjob while sucking/licking their balls/ Male: Finger your partner's pussy while licking/eating their pussy
  • Find random kamasutra position and hold position for 1 minute
  • Find random kamasutra position and hold that position for 20 seconds
  • Finger ass for 30 seconds
  • Finger/stroke Ass
  • Finger/stroke Chest/Nipples
  • Finger/stroke Face/Neck
  • Finger/stroke Lips
  • Finger/stroke Pussy/Cock
  • Finger/wank partner for 1 minute
  • Flash breasts/penis to partner for 10 seconds ( no covering)
  • Fuck for three minutes
  • Fuck for two minutes
  • Get completely naked
  • Get face down, ass up. Your partner has free reign to do anything they like to you
  • Get into the 69 position(you are on the bottom). Masturbate yourself, and give your partner oral sex at the same time. your partner is only allowed to watch
  • Get on knees and suck his dick/eat her pussy. Look up at your partner while you do so
  • Get your partner on all fours - finger if female, jerk if male
  • Girl does next two tasks only
  • Girl must masturbate guy without using hands for 15 seconds
  • Give foot job
  • Give oral sex to partner
  • Give oral to partner while your thumb is in anus
  • Give oral while sucking ice cube
  • Give oral with hands tied behind your back
  • Give your partner a piggyback as sensually as possible
  • Guy does next two tasks only
  • Have another drink
  • Have your partner video you giving them oral
  • He lightly strokes his penis and describes dark or taboo fetish of his.
  • He poses and takes photos of her (3 shots).
  • He videos her doing his choice.
  • He videos himself doing his choice to her.
  • He watches her shave all her pubic hair off unless he wants a shape/style (He can shave her if safe).
  • Hide a food item somewhere, partner has to find it with mouth
  • Hold penis in mouth for 30 seconds (no moving)
  • Hug for 1 minute
  • Insert genitals AND vibrator into partner’s orifices (their choice of what goes where)
  • Insert partners big toe into orifice of your choice
  • Kiss *WILDCARD*
  • Kiss Ass
  • Kiss Chest/Nipples
  • Kiss Face/Neck
  • Kiss Lips
  • Kiss Pussy/Cock
  • Kiss from neck to knee
  • Kiss partner from mouth to genitals
  • Kiss partner on crotch
  • Kiss passionately for 30 seconds
  • Lick partner anywhere of your choice for 1 minute
  • Lick your partners upper thighs
  • Lick/suck Ass
  • Lick/suck Chest/Nipples
  • Lick/suck Face/Neck
  • Lick/suck Lips
  • Lick/suck Pussy/Cock
  • Lie flat on partner for 1 minute
  • Loose 1 piece of clothing
  • Loose all clothes below the belt
  • Lose 2 items of clothing
  • Lose 3 pieces of clothing
  • Make eye contact with your partner and ask them what they want you to do for them. you will perform this act
  • Make video of next task
  • Male: Try to lick both of your partners nipples at once/ Female: Attempt to fit both of your partners balls in your mouth at once
  • Massage for 2 minutes
  • Massage partner
  • Massage partner for 3 minutes ( place of their choice)
  • Massage partner with honey/oil
  • Masterbate each other for 30 seconds
  • Masturbate for 2 minutes
  • Masturbate partner
  • Masturbate yourself in front of partner (20 seconds)
  • Missionary 30 seconds
  • Missionary on bed
  • Missionary on floor
  • Missionary on stairs
  • Missionary on stairs. Upside down
  • Nibble lips
  • Nibble on neck
  • Nibble tongue
  • Oral for 1 minute
  • Perform next task in kitchen
  • Perform next task in vehicle
  • Perform next task on table
  • Pull hair (pubes if long enough, head hair if not)
  • Put back on 3 layers
  • Put finger in place of guys choice for 10 seconds
  • Put hand down partners pants for 30 seconds (feel free to move it while it's there)
  • Put on clothing of partners choice
  • Put penis in place of girls choice for 10 seconds
  • Receive penetration - partner chooses which hole
  • Receive penetration - you choose which hole
  • Receive spanking - partner chooses where
  • Receive spanking - you choose where
  • Receive spanking with belt
  • Replace all clothing
  • Roll again
  • Roll again
  • Rub ice cube on chest/nipples
  • Rub your Pussy/Cock on Ass
  • Rub your Pussy/Cock on Chest/Nipples
  • Rub your Pussy/Cock on Face/Neck
  • Rub your Pussy/Cock on Lips
  • Rub your Pussy/Cock on Pussy/Cock
  • Shave all pubic hair (partner may help)
  • She poses and takes photos of him (3 shots).
  • She rubs her clitoris and describes dark or taboo fetish of hers.
  • She shaves his pubic hair off and tells him how much bigger he looks.
  • She videos herself doing her choice to him.
  • She videos him doing her choice.
  • Sit on partner for 2 rounds
  • Sit on partners face for 20 seconds
  • Sit on partners face for 20 seconds
  • Slap or rub your genitalia on your partner on a part of their choosing
  • Slap or rub your genitals on their face
  • Spank 3 times
  • Spank your partner as hard as possible
  • Spank your partner lightly
  • Spank your partner with implement of their choice
  • Standing oral for partner for 1 minute
  • Starfish pose for 20 seconds
  • Stick your tongue in your partners asshole or bellybutton(your choice!), 10 times
  • Stretch to ceiling for 10 seconds
  • Stroke partner through clothes until they become hard
  • Suck ass
  • Suck balls/nipples
  • Suck balls/vagina lips for 30 seconds
  • Suck clit/dick
  • Suck dick/clit for 1 minute
  • Suck ear
  • Suck fingers
  • Suck for two minutes
  • Suck her clitoris.
  • Suck nipples
  • Suck on partners nipples while they masturbate
  • Suck partners nipples with ice cube in mouth
  • Suck partners toes for 30 seconds
  • Suck the head of his penis.
  • Suck toes
  • Suck your partners upper thighs
  • Swap one piece of clothing with partner
  • Take anal for one minute
  • Take photo of next task
  • Tell partner a sexual fantasy that you want to do with/to them
  • Tie and tease partner for 2 minutes
  • Tie partners hands above their head. Lick them from neck to toes
  • Tie up partner and penetrate with vibrator
  • Tie up partner for the next three tasks
  • Tongue kiss on the mouth
  • Touch crotches together for 30 seconds
  • Touch/fondle Ass
  • Touch/fondle Chest/Nipples
  • Touch/fondle Face/Neck
  • Touch/fondle Lips
  • Touch/fondle pussy/Cock
  • Trade underwear with partner
  • Use hair clippers somewhere on partners body. Your choice.
  • Use vibrator in partners ass
  • Use vibrator in partners mouth
  • Use vibrator on yours or your partner’s vagina/clit
  • Use your partners hands to masturbate yourself
  • Wax guy’s chest. If not, shave his ass
  • Wash partner’s feet
  • Wear partner's underwear of their choice
  • Wear your partners scent
  • Wear your underwear with vibrator inside; give oral
  • Without penetrating rub penis on vagina for 15 seconds
  • Your partner only does your next 2 rolls

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Everyone is a winner when you give love making a new spin by playing this amazingly fun sex dice game.

Men will love the gambling feel of this game and women get rewarded with hot foreplay.

A whole collection of sensual foreplay activities, from the vanilla to the down right kinky.

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