Newest options- couples - Sex Wheel

Newest options- couples

He tongue fucks her 1 min


Do as it says
  • What’s your favorite sex position
  • Her: do you prefer long or thick cock
  • Him: Tits or ass
  • How many sexual partners have you had
  • Her: Have you ever squirted-if so explain in detail
  • sexual encounter in a car? explain in detail
  • Sexual encounter on vacation? Explain in detail
  • Sexual encounter with stranger? Explain in detail
  • Him: grower or shower?
  • Him: how many inches is your cock?
  • Him: circumcised?
  • Do you prefer condoms or raw?
  • Have you tried anal sex?
  • Sexual encounter in public? Explain in detail
  • Suck balls 1 min
  • Tit fuck 30 sec
  • Rub dick head on pussy 45 sec
  • Rub dick head on ass 30 sec
  • Deep throat cock
  • Just dick head in pussy. 10 thrusts.
  • She’s on top 1 min
  • Doggy 1 min
  • She sets on face 1 min
  • He tongue fucks her 1 min
  • Lick pussy bottom to top 10 times
  • Suck clit 30 sec
  • Suck nipples 30 sec
  • Google cock reaction gif and eat her out 2 min
  • Google tits flash gif and suck his dick 2 min
  • Fuck her ass checks 45 sec
  • Passionate makeout 45 sec
  • She Googles big dick creampie gif- doggy 3 min
  • Pornhub 4 vid from top. Re-enact
  • Suck just dick head- hard sucking
  • He Google xxx twerking gif as she twerks on dick
  • Take 2 turns and do them both at the same time
  • He’s does anything for her 30 sec
  • She does anything for him 30 sec

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Everyone is a winner when you give love making a new spin by playing this amazingly fun sex dice game.

Men will love the gambling feel of this game and women get rewarded with hot foreplay.

A whole collection of sensual foreplay activities, from the vanilla to the down right kinky.

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30 sec

Choose whether your device should vibrate, or play a naughty sound [NSFW] to let you know that your time is up. You can keep things quiet by choosing vibrate and putting the phone down on a flat surface.

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