Long list of options - Sex Wheel

Long list of options

Spank your partner. Medium.


This is a continuation of options based upon "Long list V2". Which was a compilation of old and new ideas taken and inspired by other lists on the site
  • Get on knees and suck his dick/eat her pussy. Look up at your partner while you do so
  • Make out while standing up
  • Make eye contact with your partner and tell them what you want them to do to to them. you will then perform this act
  • Make eye contact with your partner and ask them what they want you to do for them. you will perform this act
  • Have sex with your partner for 12 pumps. if male, then female lies on back and lifts legs. if female, straddle male
  • Have sex with your partner for 8 pumps, then give oral to them
  • Give your partner oral, then make-out with them
  • Spank your partner. Light.
  • Spank your partner. Medium.
  • Spank your partner. Hard as possible.
  • Male spanks partners clit with his dick/Female rubs her pussy on his dick
  • Female licks balls, Male licks labia
  • Female sucks balls, Male sucks on labia
  • Eat your partners ass
  • Sit across from your partner and masturbate
  • Sit across from your partner and masturbate your partner
  • Sit across from your partner and masturbate both you and your partner
  • Kiss your partner's ear
  • Lick your partner's ear
  • Lick your partner's upper thighs
  • Kiss your partner's upper thighs
  • Have sex Doggystyle for 15 pumps. you are doing the work
  • Have sex Cow-Girl for 15 pumps. you are doing the work
  • Have sex Reverse-Cow-Girl for 15 pumps. you are doing the work
  • Have your partner video you giving them oral
  • Female let your partner hold your head and face fuck you/ Male let your partner hold your head and rock her hips as she rides your face
  • Massage your partners balls/ Rub your partners pussy
  • Spit on your partners genitalia then masturbate them
  • Your partner will tell you what they want to do, then you allow them to do so
  • Your partner will lie on their stomach and spread there legs, you will then lick and suck their balls or lick and eat their pussy
  • Have Missionary Sex for 15 pumps. you are doing the work. Look each other in the eyes
  • Make out
  • Grind up against your partner
  • Lick your partners neck
  • Lick your partners nipples
  • Suck on your partners nipples
  • Your choice: Finger your partner's ass for 15 pumps, or your own for 2
  • 69. You are on top.
  • Make a sex video that is 30 seconds to a minute long, bj and doggy.
  • Female: let your partner fuck your tits/ Male: let your partner sit on your face, pull them closer
  • Female: give your partner a sloppy blowjob/ Male: Eat out EVERYTHING down there
  • Slowly give your partner oral
  • Male: Try to lick both of your partners nipples at once/ Female: Attempt to fit both of your partners balls in your mouth at once
  • Have your partner get on all fours. assign the action of eating their ass, fingering their ass, or masturbating them numerical values in your head. Then tell them to pick one of the 3 numbers you haves chosen. Do whichever action they have chosen without telling them
  • Male: Finger your partner/ Female: jerk off your partner
  • Female: bend over and put your partners cock inside you, hold it there without moving and tell them how big they are/ Male: put your cock inside your partner's vagina, and hold it there without moving. Tell them how tight and good they feel
  • Have sex for one pump, then lick your partners pussy hole/ suck their cock
  • Female: Deep throat your partner and hold it for as long as you can/ Male: shove your tongue in your partners pussy as deep as you can for as long as you can
  • Female: Jerk your partner off hard/ Male: Finger your partner's pussy hard
  • Female: Sit your ass down on your partner and twerk 3 times, no penetration/ Male: spank your partner's ass with your penis 3 times
  • Female: Give your partner a handjob while sucking/licking their balls/ Male: Finger your partner's pussy while licking/eating their pussy
  • Male: finger her pussy with 2 fingers/ Female: jerk him off with two hands
  • Have your partner get on all fours. Finger her if female, Jerk him off if male
  • Grab your partner by the hair and pull them in for a kiss
  • Masturbate your partner while standing behind them
  • Give your partner head while pleasuring yourself
  • Put both a penis and a finger inside the girl at the same time
  • Female: Slap his cock 4 times/ Male: Slap her pussy 4 times
  • Slap your partners chest softly, twice for each breast
  • Lube and finger your partners ass with one finger
  • face down ass up, lube and finger your partner's ass with one finger. If female, use the other hand to jerk them off. If male, use finger their pussy with 2 fingers
  • put 2 fingers in your partner's ass
  • Put your first finger in your partner's mouth, put the second in their pussy/ touch their dick hole, put the third finger in their ass. Lick the first two fingers clean and then wash the third
  • Massage your partner's pussy or cock, by rubbing yours against it
  • Any sex position of your choosing for 5 pumps, with your finger in your partners ass the whole time
  • give oral to your partner while your thumb is in their anus
  • You will spank your partner's ass 4 times with an item of your choosing; each time getting harder
  • Give oral sex with your hands tied behind your back
  • Female: Rub tits all over partner, from head to toe/ Male: rub cock all over partner, from head to toe
  • Give oral sex to your partner in the position of their choice
  • Let your partner tie your hands, and do ANYTHING they want to you. (They may fondle you for a couple second, and then must choose one thing)
  • Female: Sit down on your partner's cock, and sit still without riding/ Male: shove your cock as deep as you can into your partner and keep it there without fucking her further
  • Dominate your partner and force them into a sex position of your choosing. Fuck them for 10 pumps. Then hold down their arms and legs and give them head whilst waving your genitals in their face
  • Lick your partner anywhere you want
  • Lick your partner ANYWHERE they want
  • Female: Stroke your partners penis until it is hard/ Male: play with your partners nipples until they are hard. If already hard, you have passed this round
  • Pinch partners nipples while kissing
  • Put ice in mouth and then give partner oral sex until the Ice is gone. If you do not have access to ice, roll again
  • Masturbate using your partners hands
  • Have your partner straddle you, then masturbate them
  • Grab your breasts/balls, and rub them all over your partner's face
  • Slap or rub your genitalia on your partner on a part of their choosing
  • Female: Grab your partners dick really hard and grab his balls forcefully/ Male: Grab your partner's breast as tightly as you can, and shove 2 fingers inside them forcefully with your other hand
  • Doggystyle for 10 pumps, then have your partner give you head, then give them head for a longer amount of time
  • Fuck your partner for 5 pumps, as hard as you possibly can, with rest in between each one
  • Kiss your partner from mouth to genitals
  • Male: fit as many fingers into your partner's vagina as possible/ Female: have partner suck on your finger, then use that finger to finger them.
  • Give oral to your partner while they stand
  • You must masturbate your partner without using hands
  • Give oral to your partner while they are sitting in a chair
  • You may penetrate your partner - You choose which hole, and by what
  • try to fit your partner's whole hand in your mouth, then let them wipe their hand all over you
  • Female: have your partner squat above you, teabag you, and wipe his balls and ass over your mouth/ Male: have your partner straddle your face, spreading their pussy and rubbing/grinding it and their asshole against his mouth
  • Female: Spread your legs as wide as you can and use a vibrator on yourself/ Male: Spread your partners legs and use a vibrator on them
  • Stick your tongue in your partners asshole or bellybutton(your choice!), 10 times
  • Blindfold yourself for the next two turns
  • Roll again but do next task blindfolded and handcuffed (if possible)
  • Spank your partner's ass until it is red
  • Your partner picks where you will slap them
  • Do one act to your partner's boobs/balls, of their choosing
  • Do one act to your partner's vagina/dick, of their choosing
  • Do one act to your partner's ass, of their choosing
  • Wear your underwear with a vibrator inside, perform oral sex on your partner
  • Go into a sex doll position. allow your partner to do whatever they please to you
  • Get into the 69 position(you are on the bottom). Masturbate yourself, and give your partner oral sex at the same time. your partner is only allowed to watch
  • Lay over your partner's lap and ask them to spank you
  • Ask your partner to watch you masturbate
  • Blow a raspberry into your partner's stomach
  • Allow your partner to tickle you while they fuck your for 5 pumps(should last no longer than 10 seconds)
  • Female: Motor boat your partner's ass, and then grab their nipples/ Male: Motorboat your partner's tits, ten ass
  • Let partner tickle you for 20 seconds, and make no noise. If you fail, choose one punishment: Eat ass; have ass fingered; squeezed nipples; be spanked 10 times hard
  • Female:Choke yourself on partner's cock, then kiss them/ Male: give oral until you need to take a breath, then kiss partner (Repeat 3 times for male and female)
  • Make your lips wet and rub them all over partner's genitals
  • Lick your partner's genitals like an icecream cone. Keep telling him how big/wet and delicious their cock/pussy is.
  • Female: suck and lick your partner's balls as wet and noisy as you can/ Male: suck and lick your partner's nipples and breasts as wet and noisy as you can
  • Give your partner oral as loudly and with as much saliva as possible
  • Female: Deepthroat your partner as far and hold for as long as you can/ Male: let your partner fully sit on your face fully, and keep them there until your have to take a breath, lick the whole time
  • Have your partner spit in your mouth
  • Spit on your partner in a place of their choosing
  • Suck on your partner's nipples as they masturbate
  • Let your partner straddle you and masturbate, while you lick their balls/pussy
  • Spank your partner 5 times while they masturbate
  • Beg your partner to let you give them oral. when they do, give them aggressive head, and then thank them
  • Masturbate and beg your partner to fuck you. They will do so for 5 pumps, then you will thank them
  • Let your partner rub their genitals all over your face or chest. You choose which one
  • Suck on your partner's fingers while touching them
  • Put on a blindfold, then explore your partner with your tongue
  • Have your partner pick a number between 2 and 11, then use a 12 sided online dice. If the number rolled is lower than your partner's, then your must submit to 2 different punishements. If it is higher, you must perform 3 acts for them. Your partner chooses in both scenerios
  • Blindfold your partner, and put whatever object you want in there mouth. They have two chances to guess what it is. If they guess correctly, you must let them facesit/facefuck you.
  • Put an Ice cube in your partner's mouth, you will eat there ass until it has melted completely
  • Roll twice more, and try to do both things once. If that is not an option, do one directly after the other
  • Go on your phone while your partner has sex with you
  • touch your partner over a blanket until they are wet/hard enough to have sex for 5 pumps
  • put your underwear in your partner's mouth(or on their face if they cannot get wet) and tease them with your tongue
  • Female: put your underwear in your partner's mouth(or on their head), and fuck them for 10 pumps reverse-girl while gripping their balls/ Male:put your underwear in your partner's mouth, and fuck them for 10 pumps while squeezing their nipples
  • Do a cavity inspection of your partner
  • Put your hair in one or two if possible pony tails(ask partner for help if needed), then perform oral sex on them while they pull your hair. Keep your hair like this for one more roll
  • Tie your partner up(try to restrict movement as much as possible) and use them as a sex toy
  • Go on your phone while your partner fucks you and does whatever they want to you, and you pretend to ignore them (Female: your partner fucks you doggy/ Male: your partner rides cowgirl)
  • Female: blindfold your partner and wrap whatever you please around their cock to pleasure them/ Male: blindfold your partner and insert whatever you want inside their vagina (do at least 3 different things for both)
  • 69 your partner, have sex with them for 15 pumps in the missionary position while making out with them

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Everyone is a winner when you give love making a new spin by playing this amazingly fun sex dice game.

Men will love the gambling feel of this game and women get rewarded with hot foreplay.

A whole collection of sensual foreplay activities, from the vanilla to the down right kinky.

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