Potential frustration (read description)

Potential frustration (read description)

die 0die 1
Tease Balls/Breasts2 minutes

  • Lick Pussy/Cock
  • Suck Clit/Cock head
  • Finger/Stroke
  • Grind pussy on dick
  • Tease Balls/Breasts
  • Very fast Stroke
  • 3 minutes
  • 1 min 30 secs
  • 4 minutes
  • Edge
  • 2 minutes
  • 1 minute
Up/Down Vote

If you roll a Tease and Kissing action with and edge action you instead set a timer for 1 minute. Neither person can cum before performing at least 5 rolls, after the 5 rolls, the girl can cum (as long as she hasnt chosen to leave her pleasure to fate) however the guys orgasm depends on the die and his partner. He must roll the dice and the number he gets dictates his fate. (The cum deciding rolls can be used for girls as well if they want to leave it to chance, just replace male references with female ones etc. Yes girls you do indeed have to ruin your orgasms if you land on that number, no point complaining about it... it was your choice! 😈). If you are denied then no more sexual activity for a minimum of 30 minutes.. of course your partner can tease as much as they want however they want during this time 😘. Rolls = die 1 + die 2 (2) Edge your partner 6 more times then Ruin their orgasm (3) Cum - only from partner using 2 fingers, looped finger tip to thumb tip (dw you'll cum...... eventually 😈) (4) Denied after 5 more edges (5) You get to fuck your partner but your orgasm is ruined (6) Cum - only from your partner licking, stroking or sucking very slowly (she decides how slowly, if she is feeling extra cruel she will use sucking) (7) Denied or Ruined after 10 more edges (partners decision) (8) You get to fuck your partner but your orgasm is ruined (9) Cum - your partner can continue pleasuring you for 5 more minutes however she likes, if you cum, good for you! If you dont cum within the 5 minutes, too bad you dont get to cum! ( better hope she is feeling nice 😘) (10) You have to do an additional 10 rolls of the die....have fun....come back and try your luck again when youve done that (11) You must penetrate your partner however neither of you can move (ideally she sits on top of you with you inserted cowgirl style) she can now rub herself to as many orgasms as she wants whilst you get to feel her squeeze and grip your cock in pleasure. Oh yeah you are denied by the way.... enjoy! 😈 (she decides when this activity ends) (12) Wow lucky you, you get to cum however you want!

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30 sec

Choose whether your device should vibrate, or play a naughty sound [NSFW] to let you know that your time is up. You can keep things quiet by choosing vibrate and putting the phone down on a flat surface.

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