Experienced Couples T or D - Truth Or Da

Experienced Couples T or D


What's the most meaningful compliment your partner has ever given to you?


Belt out the chorus of a cheesy ballad at full volume


Truth or Dare for couples who have been together for awhile.
  1. What is one compliment you wish your partner would give you?
  2. What is your love language?
  3. If you overheard your partner describing you to a friend what would you most like to hear them say?
  4. (Woman) which Sex and the City character do you most identify with? (Man) what TV or movie personality do you most identify with?
  5. Where is your favorite place to be touched by your partner?
  6. What are your top three favorite sex positions?
  7. What is your “type?” In what ways does your partner fit your type? In what ways does your partner not fit your type?
  8. Do you like where you live? Why or why not?
  9. If you got extremely drunk what would you say to your partner?
  10. Who was the worst kisser you ever kissed?
  11. How many people have touched your genitals?
  12. Have your friends ever indicated to you that they find your partner attractive?
  13. What is one non-physical trait you appreciate most about your partner?
  14. If you have children what is one quality you're glad they inherited from your partner?
  15. (Woman) would you flash a stranger at the mall if your partner dared you to? (Man) would you hit on a stranger at the mall if your partner dared you to?
  16. What did your parents say about your partner the first time they met him or her?
  17. Describe a time you were proud to introduce your partner to a friend or family member.
  18. What celebrity/public figure does your partner most remind you of?
  19. Would you rather go on a cruise or a vacation to a foreign country?
  20. What outfit does your partner look hottest in?
  21. When did you realize you could spend the rest of your life with your partner?
  22. Have you ever fallen out of love with your partner? If you have ever fallen out of love, have you fallen back in love with your partner?
  23. When was the time you remember being extremely horny but you couldn't do anything about it?
  24. If you could only have sex with your partner one more time, what new thing would you like to try?
  25. (Woman) would you let another woman suck on your nipples? Eat your pussy? (Man) would you let another man jack you off? Suck your dick?
  26. What’s your favorite line of dirty talk your partner says to you during sex?
  27. Have you and your partner ever fucked like animals?
  28. What do you like most about your partner's genitals?
  29. Describe your partner’s hottest body part in detail. Use as much sexy and descriptive language as possible.
  30. Do you like to show off your partner to other people?
  31. What is the biggest lie you have ever told your partner?
  32. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being hate it, and 10 being absolutely love it) how much do you enjoy giving oral sex? Receiving oral sex?
  33. Describe your physical sensations the first time you and your partner had sex. What do you remember most about it?
  34. When was the first time you wanted to jump your partner’s bones?
  35. What is one thing you wish you could change about your partner's personality?
  36. What fantasy/movie/porno would you most enjoy masturbating to?
  37. Would you enjoy watching a porno and re-creating it with your partner?
  38. Do you enjoy anal play?
  39. What is one specific sexual thing you think you enjoy more than most people?
  40. Do you have a fetish?
  41. Does your partner remind you of your parents?
  42. Describe the wildest sex you would love to have with your partner?
  43. What do your friends think of your partner?
  44. If your relationship ended, how many people would you have sex with in the next year?
  45. What sexual talent are you most proud of?
  46. What outfit do you feel hottest in?
  47. What is a meaningful gift your partner could give to you?
  48. What is one gift you hope to receive from your partner on your next birthday?
  49. What is one thing you would change about your marriage?
  50. Are you hornier than your friends?
  51. Does stress make you horny?
  52. pick What's the most meaningful compliment your partner has ever given to you?
  53. What is something you and your partner share in common?
  54. In what ways are you in your partner most compatible? Least compatible?
  55. What is one thing you would improve about your marriage?
  56. Do you enjoy cosplay? If you have never tried cosplay how would you like you and your partner to dress up?
  57. How comfortable are you looking deeply into your partners eyes for an extended period of time?
  58. Do you and your partner have similar religious views?
  59. What is one thing you would like to tell your partner about your marriage that you have never told them before?
  60. If the two of you went to marriage counseling what one thing do you think you most need to work on?
  61. Name one person you are most envious of?
  62. What is one of your biggest insecurities?
  63. How often do you and your partner push each other's buttons to irritate each other?
  64. What is one thing you've always wondered about your partner but we're too hesitant to ask?
  65. When you see your partner naked where is the first place your eyes go?
  66. Would you find anything enjoyable about watching your partner have sex with someone else?
  67. What did you think about or see the first time you masturbated?
  68. What is the last thing your partner did that made you horny?
  69. What is one thing you wish your partner knew about you?
  70. Which of your friends is most attracted to your partner?
  71. If you and your partner got a divorce, how many people would you have sex with in the next year?
  72. Do you wish you had more or less sexual experience before you got married?
  73. What is the horniest you have ever been with someone other than your partner?
  74. When were you the horniest you have ever been but couldn't do anything about it at the time?
  75. Have you ever been sexually aroused at work? If so when?
  76. In general how confident are you with the opposite sex?
  77. Is your partner flirty with other people? If so, does this bother you?
  78. If you could only have one sexy photograph of your partner, what would it to look like?
  79. What was the first thing you fought about as a newly married couple? How did the fight end?
  80. Describe a fantasy you have had about your partner.
  81. Which of your friends has the best marriage? Out of everyone you know who has the best marriage? What makes it the best?
  82. (Women) If you were single who would you most prefer to be married to- a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer? Why? (Man) If you were single who would you most prefer to be married to a nurse a teacher or a corporate executive? Why?
  83. Describe the perfect member of the opposite sex using only five words.
  84. (Woman) What type of man do you most prefer, the tattooed bad boy or the clean cut professional? (Man) What type of woman do you most prefer, the tattooed edgy woman or the clean cut professional?
  85. What is something your partner does in bed that puts you over the top?
  86. How confident are you in general around members of the opposite sex?
  87. When in your life did you feel the hottest?
  88. Does your partner have wandering eyes?
  89. When is the last time someone other than your partner tried to hit on you?
  90. If people in your circle of friends accidentally saw you naked, would you be devastated, not too concerned about it, or actually enjoy it?
  91. If you partner bragged to their friends about one of your sexual skills, which one do you hope it would be? Would you be embarrassed or proud?
  1. Read out the last dirty text you sent
  2. Eat five spoonfuls of a condiment of your choice
  3. Try to juggle 3 things of your partner’s choice
  4. Pretend to be a food item of your choice
  5. Show the most embarrassing photo on your phone
  6. Show the last five people you texted and what the messages said
  7. Let your partner DM someone from your Instagram account
  8. Eat a raw piece of garlic
  9. Do 100 squats
  10. Let the group look in your Instagram DMs
  11. Show us your screen time report
  12. Keep three ice cubes in your mouth until they melt
  13. Say something dirty to your partner
  14. Give a foot massage to your partner
  15. Put 10 different available liquids into a cup and drink it
  16. Yell out the first word that comes to your mind
  17. FaceTime a friend and flash them
  18. Remove four items of clothing
  19. Like the first 15 posts on your Facebook newsfeed
  20. Eat a spoonful of mustard
  21. Keep your eyes closed until it's your go again
  22. Try and get all the the toes on one foot in your mouth
  23. Send a sext to the last person in your phonebook
  24. Show your orgasm face
  25. Seductively eat a banana
  26. Empty out your wallet/purse and show your partner what's inside
  27. Do your best sexy crawl
  28. Pretend to be your partner for 10 minutes
  29. Eat a snack without using your hands
  30. Whisper a secret to your partner
  31. Say two honest things about your partner
  32. Twerk for a minute
  33. Try and make your partner laugh as quickly as possible
  34. Try to put your whole fist in your mouth
  35. Let your partner touch up your makeup
  36. Tell your partner an embarrassing story about yourself
  37. Try to lick your elbow
  38. Peel a banana with your toes
  39. Say everything in a whisper for the next 10 minutes
  40. Smell your partner’s armpit
  41. Talk in an British accent for the rest of the evening
  42. Do your best celebrity impression
  43. Play air guitar for 2 minutes straight
  44. Post the oldest selfie on your phone on Instagram Stories
  45. Tell the saddest story you know
  46. Howl like a wolf for one minute
  47. Dance without music for two minutes
  48. Pole dance with an imaginary pole
  49. pick Belt out the chorus of a cheesy ballad at full volume
  50. Let your partner tickle you and try not to laugh
  51. Put as many snacks into your mouth at once as you can
  52. Scroll through your phone book until your partner says stop. You either have to call or delete that person.
  53. Put your clothing on backwards for the rest of the evening
  54. Down your drink (responsibly)
  55. Try and make yourself cry
  56. Give a celebrity lookalike for your partner
  57. Tell your partner two truths and a lie, and they have to guess which one the lie is
  58. Attempt to impersonate your partner
  59. Reply to the first five Instagram Stories on your timeline
  60. Share the first celebrity on your timeline's Instagram to your Story
  61. Put on as many layers as possible in 60 seconds
  62. Fill your mouth with drink and gargle your answer to the next Truth
  63. Make your partner jump in the next 10 minutes
  64. Smile as widely as you can and hold it for two minutes
  65. Hold your drink with two hands for the rest of the evening
  66. Attempt the first TikTok dance on your for you page
  67. Sit on the floor for the rest of the evening
  68. Put on make-up without a mirror and leave it like that for the rest of the game
  69. Give a personalised insult to your partner
  70. Text a sexy photo of yourself to someone
  71. Strip in an online chat room
  72. Give your partner phone sex from the other room for two minutes
  73. FaceTime your partner like a nude cam model for 2 minutes

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