Kinky Foreplay Fun for couples

Kinky Foreplay Fun for couples

Cowgirl sitting

  • Sitting sex
  • Your partner will kiss, lick and suck your nipples
  • Your partner will pull you toward them and roughly kiss you (bonus points if you pull them by their hair)
  • Your partner will spank your ass 4 times
  • Your partner will grab your ass
  • rub cock on ass
  • You will give each other hand jobs at the same time
  • She gives a blowjob
  • Hug from behind and cock between thighs
  • Cowgirl standing
  • Standing 69
  • Cowgirl sitting
  • Facefuck
  • One leg up standing
  • Massage vagina with the tip
  • Massage vagina with shaft
  • Titty fuck.
  • Eat her out
  • Standing pussy fuck from behind
  • Standing pussy fuck from front
  • Bend over pussfuck
  • lay on table and fuck her while while holding legs apart
  • Give partner a shoulder massage
  • Bendover anal
  • Kiss r lick her ass
  • Just make out.
  • Standing anal behind
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30 sec

Choose whether your device should vibrate, or play a naughty sound [NSFW] to let you know that your time is up. You can keep things quiet by choosing vibrate and putting the phone down on a flat surface.

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